MetaPavo Whitepaper (en)

What is MetaPavo?

MetaPavo is a Web3 personal information assistant with core capabilities such as classified management information/search/identification. It is designed to help Web3 users quickly access information that is useful to them.
MetaPavo gets its name from a species of peacock that lives in Southeast and South Asia and comes in blue and green colors.
The image of Pavo implies a way to organize Web3 information, and attach information to the main nodes in the information network through two core means of layering and classification. Ultimately, this approach results in a single entry, information management solution that carries unlimited information, while being clear and effective. MetaPavo's core competencies embody this moral everywhere.

The product form of MetaPavo

The core product of MetaPavo is a chrome plug-in, and its core modules include a default new page (we call it Web3 Information Workbench), a search component injected into all pages, and an information identification module injected into all pages.
Please rest assured to use it, we will do our best to protect your privacy, and chrome's privacy mechanism also does not allow plug-ins to obtain your private information.

Core Functionality of MetaPavo

Personal information workbench, aggregate the information of interest, and classify information according to the characteristics of Web3

  • A browser opens a new page by default
  • A workbench that can be programmed and adjusted
  • A quick entry to personally focused Web3 information

Quickly invoke search anytime, anywhere to search all kinds of Web3 information

  • Evoke any page at any time, search for information of various categories
  • Support various information categories
    • NFTs, Tokens, DAPPs, KOLS, Articles, Premints, DAOs, Companys

Browsing recognizes, helps you identify information when browsing, and quickly connects or collects information

  • A shape-changing widget floating in the lower right corner of the browser
  • Support identification and widgets of various types of information
    • NFTs, Tokens, DAPPs, KOLS, Articles, Premints, DAOs, Companys, Hazard Identification and Alerting
  • Support information identification of various platforms
    • Opensea, Twitter, Website, Etherscan, Gem, X2V2, Looksrare, Sudoswap, ...

Information sharing and value mining, contribute value to the community and get incentives (coming soon)

  • Contribute data for information value evaluation through simple actions
  • Assess information value through community contributions
  • Provide real-time and accurate value judgment information to other users, enabling them to better understand the Web3 world

The implementation mechanism of MetaPavo

Here we analyze the core mechanisms of these mechanisms: information search, information identification, security identification, and workbench.
Information search is one of the core functions of MetaPavo. Its implementation mechanism is to inject the search component into all pages through the chrome plug-in mechanism, so that users can invoke the search component at any time on any page to search. Behind the search is a simple search engine, and its search results are obtained from the API of each platform. We classify and mark various types of information in the data service to provide users with classified search results.

2. information identification

Similarly, information identification also injects information identification components into all pages through the chrome plug-in mechanism. When you browse a specific website, we will scan the specific content on the page locally, and then identify it according to the subject classification, such as NFTs, Tokens, DAPPs, KOLS, Articles, Premints, DAOs, Companies and other information, once the identification is successful , we will obtain their detailed information, expand the information identification component, and display the information in the information identification component.

3. security identification

In the process of browsing twitter or other websites, we will scan and identify dangerous content on the page, such as phishing websites, malicious websites, fake twitter accounts, etc. Once the identification is successful, we will remind users in an obvious way.

4. workbench

The workbench uses the new tabs function of the chrome plug-in to override the default new page of the browser. Every time you open a new blank tab, the MetaPavo workbench interface will be opened by default. On this page, you can search, view favorite information, adjust the position and visibility of modules, etc., and customize your own workbench。

The Future of MetaPavo

The future of MetaPavo is a super search engine + content interactive community + personal information assistant

1. Personal information assistant

Through the evolution of product form and the introduction of more information content, we will provide users with more convenient, anytime, anywhere, and smarter information services, such as personal workbenches on mobile terminals, and make more in-depth connections with other platforms.

2. Super search engine

MetaPavo's search engine will support the access of more platform data, support the access of more types of data, introduce more intelligent search algorithms, and provide users with more accurate search results.

3. Content Interactive Community

MetaPavo will encourage users to conduct decentralized evaluation, recommendation, and collection of information, dig out valuable information in real time, and reach users who need this information, forming a benign closed loop of information value.